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Altar Guild

The mission of Altar Guild is to provide support for our worship together.


The wide range of tasks includes  setting up for multiple services each week and cleaning afterwards; changing the frontal to match the liturgical season; keeping the oil candles filled and wax candles in working order; filling all the candelabra annually; laundering small linens; ordering supplies such as wafers—both regular and gluten-free—wine, and polishes; twice yearly polishing; and setting up candles and creche for the Christmas season. This ongoing preparation and attention to detail allow our services to occur smoothly.

A member of Altar Guild is at every service, including funerals, weddings, and baptisms. In 2023, we had at least 98 services, a busy schedule.

Seven volunteers are currently members of the Guild, requiring each person to only be on the schedule once every four weeks.

In addition to those members, other parishioners participate in this ministry by helping with tasks such as filling the candelabra and assisting in polishing all of the metal altar elements.

The Guild always welcome new members and their contributions.

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