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Christmas Pageant

This annual tradition is so popular that it is now performed in the PYK Tang Performing Arts Center at the Rectory School, directly across the street from Christ Church. Each yeas, as you might expect, the actors change but the script, costumes and props remain the same.


Angels & Shepherds

Our youngest participants are assigned the roles of angels and shepherds, sporting sparkly blush, tinsel halos, and villainous burnt cork beards. Those children usually graduate to singing animals, who vary in number depending on the demand, and then to the key solos of kings, Herod, priests ,and finally to Mary, Joseph, and Gabriel.


Program Talents

A bell choir and individual musicians, depending on the available talent, are usually integrated into the program.  One year some of the parts were filled by adults but usually we have more than enough children to fill the roles, which are open to children whose families are not members of Christ Church.


Jesus' Birthday Cake

All the students know the roles and the “rites of passage,” and actively participate in selecting their costume, rehearsing their songs, getting their makeup applied, and celebrating Jesus’ birth with birthday cake after the performance!

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