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The Rite 13 class is an integral part of the Christian formation curriculum, preparing participants to move up to the Journey to Adulthood (J2A) program.  The Rite 13 program is composed of our teens up through Grade 8.


The Rite 13 curriculum assists young people take the first steps of passage away from their families and into their own lives. The liturgical centerpiece of this group is the Rite 13 ceremony, which celebrates the passage from childhood to adulthood. Students usually spend two years in this program, where the community acknowledges the gift of gender, celebrates the amazing creative power and potential for these young people, and creates a safe haven to explore new ideas, new interests, and new abilities.

Rite 13 classes typically meet on Sunday mornings, to explore faith, society, ethics, spirituality, and mission. In addition, they participate in retreats, field trips and service projects.


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