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Altar Flowers

“In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends,”

- Japanese art critic and Tea ceremony expert Okakura Kakuzo


Remember: “ Flowers

always make people better, happier and

more helpful. They are sunshine, food

and medicine for the soul”

Luther Burbank, renowned horticulturist

Except during Advent or Lent, the altar in Christ Church is florally decorated; sometimes the flowers come from our gardens, others from the roadside, or from a professional florist.


At Easter the church is filled with lilies, at Christmas poinsettias, adding color and perfume to our prayers. Thanks to a dedicated group of parishioners, during the Christmas season the church is also greened with pine branches. Everyone is welcome to participate in this decorative activity. 


Please contact Philippa Paquette at 860-918-9599 if you would like to arrange the flowers on a Sunday; if you have a special occasion or individual you want to honor; or if you have excess flowers in your garden you would like to donate.

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