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Eucharist in the Community
Westview Commons

Mother Cosman, Liturgical Assistants, and several parishioners celebrate a Rite II Eucharist at Westview Commons in Dayville on the first Tuesday of every month at 3 pm. Begun as a bit of an experiment on Ash Wednesday in 2023, it has become an eagerly anticipated activity by many.

The staff of the senior living facility transform the Family Gathering Room into an inviting chapel, complete with flowers and an altar book stand. Mother Cosman adds battery-operated candles, a prayer leaflet, a lectionary, communion wafers and a small quantity of wine.

While the initial goal was to serve former parishioners living at the facility, other residents have joined this growing group of worshipers, and no one is anxious for the service to end. The time to socialize after each service continues to lengthen. We may need to start an official coffee hour!

Additional services are also conducted on Holy Days throughout the year, and congregants from both the church and the living facility are encouraged to participate.

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