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Community Kitchen

For more than 30 years a group of parishioners has participated in this ministry, providing nutritious meals once a month and delivering them to be served at a weekly meal in nearby Woodstock, Connecticut. Our current team —which includes at least one member outside of the parish—has delivered the best food and on time for over a year. 

After the meals are prepared and packaged, they are delivered and served to the community by The First Congregational Church of Woodstock, circa 1820.

Sample menus from last year include Johnny Marzetti—a fancy Goulash—with salad; summer Italian Subs with a side of chips; Pizza with salad; Mexican Chili with a side salad; and Fajitas with sauce, topped with grated cheese with a side salad.

While the people who are served our meals are needy by some definition—not necessarily homeless or unemployed—they arrive eager and energized by the top-notch crew at the Woodstock Church. We all feel privileged to be part of this long-standing generous program that serves so many worthy souls. It's truly a blessing to be part of this Christ Church historic commitment.

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